With over 300 employees at our New Berlin, WI facility, we provide customer service & program management, as well as product design, manufacturing, and testing services for a variety of customers and aircraft. 

The entrepreneurial culture and flat structure provides key advantages to our business. EMTEQ operates with many smaller business units, allowing our employees to focus on the unique needs of a specific set of customers employing their product expertise.

This is an ISO9001:2008 / AS9100:2009 certified facility with over 83,000 square feet and 55% dedicated to manufacturing.

FAA Repair Station

Our New Berlin, WI facility has an FAA and EASA Part 145 Certificated Repair Station with a Limited Accessory rating and is authorized to issue FAA Form 8130-3 Return to Service tags with EASA Dual Release for EMTEQ designed and manufactured articles included on our FAA Accepted Capabilities List. This allows us to perform maintenance, preventive maintenance, and Return to Service your articles in the shortest time possible.

In-House Testing

EMTEQ’s New Berlin facility has invested in a variety of testing equipment which not only allows us to save time and money by testing in-house, but also strengthens our product designs. These internal testing capabilities meet DO-160 qualifications and include Altitude, Temperature, Humidity, Waterproofness, Fluid Susceptibility, Magnetic Effect, Power Input, Voltage Spike, Icing, and Electrostatic Discharge.

As the expert for LED lighting design and development, our New Berlin facility has several light labs throughout the building, as well as a Dark Room.

Community Outreach

Golf-Outing-2013.jpgAt EMTEQ, being a leader is more than just offering quality products, services and support to the aviation industry. It also means doing our part as an organization to lend a helping hand to both our customers, employees and community. With this, we have recognized the importance of volunteering and contributing as part of our business philosophy.

We are proud to support the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin contributing to Child Advocacy programs through our annual charity golf outing and internal fundraising events. Thanks to all the support from the community, our vendors, and our customers, EMTEQ has helped raise over $555,000! 

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