Tapestry Full LED Mood Lighting

Create lasting impressions while producing fleet-wide branding

Tapestry LED full mood lighting system is a state-of-the-art solution complete with a lighting control panel. It quickly replaces conventional fluorescent cabin lighting giving your cabin the ability to enhance the customer experience.

Superior Photometric Performance – our engineering design has created high CRI color points that are calibrated for color consistency and intensity. The system is 100% dimmable via full digital control with thermal and aging color compensation.

Integration – the 115 VAC 400Hz system uses the existing mounting locations and fits within existing fluorescent fixing mounting envelopes. It is 15% lighter than existing OEM fluorescent lighting system on B737, B757, B767, and B777. 

Lighting Control Panel – Available in two screen sizes (8.4” and 10.4”, it is the flight attendants system interface which controls the Tapestry’s dynamic scenes, zone control, and color selection.


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 Tapestry™ Lighting System

Tapestry Full LED Mood Lighting