QUASAR-Full Spectrum Lighting

Experience the finest in interior LED lighting technology and elegance with B/E Aerospace Lighting & Integrated Systems' QUASAR® Full Spectrum Lighting. The system features 32 pre-set lighting modes, including sunset/sunrise mode capability, 100% dimming capacity and accentuates interior fabrics/style using white color programming. 

These dynamic systems – both 28VDC & 115VAC – include traditional wash lighting as well as flexible accent lighting to bring color to any curve in the aircraft. We can also apply this technology to different package and customer specific applications.

QUASAR products

QUASAR II, the latest advancement of our QUASAR line, delivers high node resolution for the smoothest dynamics on the market. Built-in CLNP controls allow QUASAR II enhanced functionality even with limited CMS systems onboard the aircraft. EMTEQ QUASAR BBJ