EMTEQ Supports Impending Mandates

B/E Lighting & Integrated Systems' experience with certification and integration of communications, navigation, and surveillance systems, and our understanding of impending mandates such as PM-CPDLC/DLR and ADS-B Out allows us to deliver the system upgrades necessary to keep your fleet compliant and efficient. Our solution will be based upon your aircraft type, existing avionics architecture, and your operational requirements.


PM-CPDLC is a newer faster way for Data Link communications between pilot(s) and Air Traffic Control using the ATN network with ACARS VDRs. It is mandated by Eurocontrol as Link 2000+ for all European Flight Information Regions (FIRs).

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CPDLC Certified Upgrades

  • Pending Honeywell MK II ACARS/CPDLC - 737 NG
  • Pending Honeywell MK II ACARS/CPDLC - 747-400
  • Pending Honeywell MK II ACARS/CPDLC - 767-200/-300
  • ST04014AT Honeywell HFR5-V CVR - 757-200
  • ST04194AT Rockwell Collins CMU 900 ACARS with L3 FA2100 CVR - 757-300
  • ST04142AT DataLink Recording Activation - 767-200/-300

         ACARS Certified Upgrades

  • ST03253AT Honeywell MK II ACARS - 757-200
  • ST03678AT Spectralux D-Link + ACARS - 757-200/-300
  • ST03843AT Rockwell Collins ACARS - 757-200
  • ST04140AT Rockwell Collins CMU 900 ACARS with Honeywell HFR5-V CVR - 767-200/-300


Are You Ready for 2020?

By 2020 all aircraft in EU airspace flying above FL285 must be Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC)–equipped.

Commercial cockpit

SATCOM Certified Upgrades

In addition to CPDLC, B/E offers SATCOM and Airborne Connectivity support for a variety of upgrade needs including global voice and data

  • ST03899AT Rockwell Collins SAT-2000 SATCOM - 737 NG
  • ST03942AT Certification Rockwell Collins IGA-2000 SATCOM Antenna - 737 NG
  • ST03606AT ICG ICS-120A/-200/-220 Iridium SATCOM - 757-200/-300
  • ST03484AT Honeywell MCS4000-7000 SATCOM System - 767-200/-300
  • ST04139AT ICG ICS-220A Iridium SATCOM - 767-200/-300
  • ST03485AT EMS HSD-400 SATCOM System - 767-200/-300
  • ST03659AT EMS HSD-400 SAATCOM B757-200/-300
  • ST03619AT Honeywell HD-710 Data Terminal/HPA - 777-200/-300
  • ST03734AT Honeywell HD-710 Data Terminal/HPA - 747-400
  • ST03918AT Honeywell MCS-7200 SATCOM System - 777-200/-300
  • ST03983AT Cobham HGA-7001 SATCOM Antenna System 777-200/-300
  • ST03980AT Honeywell MCS-7147 SATCOM System 777-200/-300


ADS-B Out allows Air Traffic Control and the pilot to more efficiently separate flight patterns based on this improved altitude, position and intent information. Upcoming mandates will also help to free up ADS-B Data Links that operate on higher frequencies by moving lower flying aircraft to a lower frequency.

ADS-B Out Certified Upgrades

  • ST04123SAT Honeywell TRA-67A/RMA 55B ADS-B out- 767-200/-300
  • ST04195AT ACSS XS-950 ADS-B Out with CMC Electronics GPS - 767-200/-300

TCAS 7.1

TCAS 7.1 will be required in Europe by December 1, 2015, and January 1, 2017 in North America. TCAS 7.1 adresses issues found with TCAS 7.0, and delivers improved Resolution Advisory (RA) reversal logic and clearer commands. Allow us to develop and certify a solution for your aircraft. Contact us to learn more about TCAS 7.1 system certification.


  • 8.33 VHF
  • FM Immunity
  • ELT Fixed & Portable
  • DLR–Data Link Recording
  • TCAS 7.1

Beyond certification services B/E Lighting & Integrated Systems holds over 200 existing STCs on multiple platforms that support both current mandate compliance as well as other necessary systems.


B/E Lighting & Integrated Systems' DERs, DARs, DMIRs and engineers provide design and technical support throughout the certification process.

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