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Coaxial Cables and Trays

ARINC 404 & 600 Trays
ASP List
CMS/IFE Cables
RF Cables & Connectors
RF Coaxial Cable Weight Savings
Specialty Cables

Please visit our cable pages to obtain more specific cable information (Ethernet, Entertainment, Databus, Triaxial, and Specialty cables).

Avionics, Engineering, Kits and Certification

406 MHz Automatic Fixed ELT Government System Value-Add Solutions
Aircraft Installation Program Support (A-Kits) ICG Cockpit & Cabin Solutions
ARTEX Turnkey ELT Solution Miramar Engineering Capabilities
Corporate Market Engineering Capabilities SATCOM & Airborne Connectivity Solutions
Digital Media Player DMP200 Engineering STCs
Air, Land and Sea Military Vehicle Solutions Streamline Your Supply Chain


Cabin Comfort and Cabin Power

eQuation Cabin Power Systems EMTEQ intelliUSB SR
EMTEQ intelliOutlets ELEMENTS™ Seat Heating Products
EMTEQ intelliUSB  


Interior LED Lighting

Air Transport Lighting Capabilities LED ELWA-1002 High Intensity Wash Lighting
DAYLIGHT Variable White Lighting LED Exit Signage
Dual Mode Map Light LED Flexible Accent Lighting
ELP32 Dimmer Module LED Interior Lighting
Government Systems Lighting Capabilities LED Map Plate Lights
New Generation LEDs LED Marker Lights
LED Dome Lights LED Mini-Spot Lights
eFIT™ Airbus Solution LED Reading Lights & Air Gaspers
eFIT™ Boeing Solution Patient Treatment Light
LED ELD30 High Intensity Dome Light QUASAR® ELW70
LED ELW30 Compact Wash Lighting QUASAR® Flex Accent Lighting
LED ELW35 Wash Lighting QUASAR® II Wash Lighting
LED ELW60 & ELW61 Flat Wash Lighting Voltage Regulation & Dimming Modules
LED ELW83 Wash Lighting  
LED ELW86 Wash Lighting  


Exterior LED Lighting

150cd Anti-Collision Light Dual Mode Anti-Collision Lights with Infrared Covert Mode
400cd Anti-Collision Light Exterior Lighting TSO List
400cd Anti-Collision Light: Drop-in Replacement ATR42/72; DO328; Saab340 Exterior Lighting Capabilities
Combination Tail Position and Anti-Collision Light LED Navigation Lights
Dual Color Anti-Collision Lights LED Tail Lights


Aircraft Engineering and Certification

Flammability Testing Capabilities
Please contact us directly for more detailed information on our forward fit engineering and certification services.


Specialty Structures and Mechanical Systems

 APU Air Inlet Rain Gutter  Ground Power Service Bus Cargo Light Addition
 Baggage Door Safety Catch  Improved Aft Jet Pipe Support
 Bombardier Water Heater Replacement Kit Improved Exhaust Shroud
 Cabin Recirculation Air Filter Improved Fingernail Joint Seal
CL-215 Flight Deck Cooling System Improved Logo Light
 Crew Oxygen Indicating System  Improved Take-off Configuration Warning System
Crew Oxygen Remote Fill LED Lavatory Light
CRJ Flap Actuator Heating System LOS Annunciator Driver
DeHavilland RD8-57-876 NAI Structural & Mechanical Capabilities
ECS Manual Control Cold Clamp  PC-12 Replace Crew Seat Backrest Panel
Flight Deck Manual Stowage Box - CRJ Rechargeable Flashlight
Flight Deck Manual Stowage Box - DHC-8 Water Heater Replacement Kit
Ground Power Circuit Breakers Wing Reinforcement Modification
Ground Power Service Bus Tow Guard


Please contact us directly for more detailed information on our specialty structures and mechanical systems capabilities.


Platform Specific

Beechjet 400A Capabilities
B757 Capabilities
B777 Cargo Light
CH-53 Sea Stallion Exterior Lighting
CRJ Capabilities
Dash-8 Capabilities
Dornier 328 Exterior Lighting
Eurocopter AS365 CVR-FDR STC
King Air Interior Capabilities
Medical Aircraft Modernization
PC-12 Capabilities



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