eFIT™-Drop-in LED Lighting

eFIT™ Overnight LED Lighting Upgrade for Boeing 737NGs and Airbus A319/-320/-321

Bring a touch of color and vibrant whites to the flight experience with eFIT–a true drop-in LED mood lighting upgrade to replace outdated and expensive fluorescent tubes systems.

Influencing Passenger Experience

B/E Aerospace’s goal was to make powerful technology more accessible. eFIT represents a new chapter in integrating LED lighting into an aircraft while presenting an airline the opportunity to uniformly effect every single passenger. With the luxury of options, eFIT is offered in three configurations:

Ceiling & Sidewall configurations

Enabled by engineering and certification expertise, eFIT was designed with an emphasis on integration and performance. Currently STC'd, B/E Aerospace has the in-house ability to customize an eFIT STC solution to your fleet.

eFIT™--Drop-in LED Lighting

eFIT A320 cover         eFIT B737 cover

eFIT™ for Airbus            eFIT™ for Boeing