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Several B/E Aerospace LED lighting products can function as accent lighting in your aircraft, including LED flexible strip lighting, LED curved wash lighting, LED spot lighting and LED vanity lighting. Accent lighting is designed to be robust and functional yet attractive and as inconspicuous or noticeable as desired. Accent lighting can be installed around seat bases, toe kicks, vanities and dropped aisles, among many other areas in the aircraft. 




Our patented Semi-Flex and Flex LED Lighting products incorporate bright and efficient lighting into a variety of user friendly applications. Products are easily customizable to meet any customer demand and are perfect for installation along pathways, glareshieds, handrails, lavatories, toe kicks, galleys and for indirect cabin lighting. Dimming module can be used for even greater lighting atmosphere control.



Map Plate Lighting

EMTEQ's map plate lights are designed with LED technology for enhanced quality and functionality compared to traditional map lighting options. They provide a directional light source, exceptional life, and no glare or reflection. These lights were designed to be low profile, rugged/durable with low power consumption. Map plate lights have 100% dimming capability and are easy to install.



Marker Lights

Marker lights are an exceptionally versatile product and function as accent or emergency lighting with options for lens and LED color. They are well-suited for floor proximity or other space contained locations.



Mini-Spot Lights

B/E Aerospace's mini-spot light products have various customizable features, including a night-light bezel option. These lighting applications are designed for use as accent lighting and in areas with limited workspace.