The 3X Nano™ offers the industry's latest and most advanced technology in color consistency, efficiency, and performance. The product line offers three cost effective aesthetic options and the efficiency of ByPass Installation™.


  • Truly nano–industry's smallest and lightest wash light
  • "Ballast-logic" integrated into the light removing the need for a ballast
  • Constant current circuitry for consistent light output
  • Hyper-efficient LEDs with low current draw & increased lumen output
  • Improved color consistency & blending
  • Step & variable dimming options


WHITE–a brilliant, crisp white.

MULTIWHITE–Control and mix the temperature of your white light.

WHITE + ACCENT COLOR–Introducing accented wash lighting. Choose your favorite blue, red, or green color to highlight your cabin.


Whether down for quick maintenance or a full C-Check, install EMTEQ lighting with the 3X Series. Either revamp the entire cabin doing a full modification with rewiring or perform a ByPass Installation™ keeping the existing wiring and only upgrade your lighting without dropping the PSU or having increased downtime. Because the 3X Series runs directly off 28VDC aircraft power, there is no need for ballasts, which cause unneeded failure modes. Keep your lighting's existing dimming functionality with step and variable dimming options.
3X Series installation graphic