System Integration Lab (SIL)

B/E Aerospace offers turnkey Electronic Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) and System Integration Lab (SIL) solutions designed to meet your needs. Our team of application and manufacturing engineers increase production rates and reduce manufacturing costs on EGSE/SIL programs.

SILs are critical for testing, troubleshooting, software design, and training with updated avionics equipment for a smooth implementation and integration of avionic upgrades. EGSE are vital for the mock-up and testing of rocket launch equipment.

B/E’s flexibility allows us to scale production to your requirements, from individual harnesses to complete rack builds including all fabricated components:


  • Cabling
  • Harnessing
  • Fabricating structural components
  • Electrical/Mechanical integration
  • Testing


  • In-house mechanical fabrication, laser marking, and engineering support
  • Signal switches that simulate malfunctions
  • Technical, on-site support teams
  • Interconnect module for interchangeability
  • Console layout and build
  • Weekly video conferences
  • inventory and supply chain support/materials sourcing


  • AS9100 certified
  • Risk management
    • Program manager and application engineer
  • Configuration management
  • ITAR registered/DPAS processes
  • Rail/master schedule controls
  • Labor/material tracking systems

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 Use B/E Aerospace as an extension of your team in areas ranging from value-added design-engineering to build-to-print SIL and SIL components manufacturing.